Success Stories

ECC 2015 football tournament (Tarragona)

From 12 to May 15, 2015, Wireless BCN participated in the deployment of a wireless internet infrastructure to all attendees and participants of the 2015 soccer tournament ECC in Tarragona.

Some numbers about the event:

  • 400 different devices connected via WiFi.
  • More than 200 customers daily connected, more than 100 G of traffic throughout the event.
  • All supported operating systems: Windows 7, Windows Vista, MacOs, iOs, Android, RIM, …
  • Websites, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Skype have been the most prominent applications.

Piknic Electronik (Barcelona)

From June 28 to September 20, 2014, the weekend Piknic Electronik festival in Barcelona, where Wireless BCN deeply involved in mounting a wireless internet infrastructure to all attendees and participants during the course of celebrated Piknic Electronik.

Users access the wireless service where they are redirected to the AppStore, Google Play or Windows Marketplace where you are asked to download and App to get free internet also downloading the application the user has a discount on drinks.

This application is Yossa, Yossa – the #1 FREE nightlife app in Barcelona and Helsinki. Sign up for Guestlists, enjoy amazing Offers on drinks, entrance fees etc. and get all the information you need on best parties and greatest nightclubs simply and fast.

Some numbers about the event:

  • About 4000 different devices connected by WiFi
  • More than 600 customers online every day.
  • All supported operating systems: Windows 7, Windows Vista, MacOs, iOs, Android, RIM, …
  • YOSSA Application.


Monumental circus (Barcelona)

26 and 27, 2014, Wireless BCN participated in the deployment of a wireless internet infrastructure to all attendees and participants in a circus show which took place in the old bullring of Monumental.

Some numbers about the event:

  • 250 different devices connected by WiFi
  • More than 100 customers daily connected, more than 80 G of traffic throughout the event.
  • All supported operating systems: Windows 7, Windows Vista, MacOs, iOs, Android, RIM, …
  • Websites, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Skype have been the most prominent applications.

WiFi coverage at bloggers conference in a XII century castle.

TBEX is the largest association of bloggers on the Internet on travel. During the week from 19 to 23 September 2012, hundreds of users have been found in Girona for their annual conference.

In the event list, and thanks to the support of the Costa Brava Girona and Patronat company Tekktia, Wireless BCN has deployed a professional WIFI network to Internet access service in the “Castell de Sant Gregori”. In the various rooms of the castle of the twelfth century and abroad, over 350 people have been enjoying the social networks to share emotions and information.

WiFi for Sailing World Championships

From 12 to May 20, 2012, they were held the sailing world championships in Port Forum of Barcelona. It has also opened the new international sailing center of the Federation – BISC (Barcelona International Sailing Center). This global event brought together special best dinghy (470) for the selection of participants in the 2012 London Olympic Games.

An event of this size required a high Internet access quality (in particular the press who needed a guaranteed rate of climb to hang their audiovisual materials) and to offer WIFI access in the 3-storey building (2.600m2 ) and the outer field (4,400 m2).

The Catalan Sailing Federation BCN select Wireless to manage wireless communications and Internet access. Internet access via symmetrical within 4 Megas in Montjuic center and the Forum in cooperation with Iberbanda was installed and WIFI both indoor and outdoor network mounted. Wireless BCN selected to Meraki (in partnership with Vordis Technologies) as provider access points WIFI. Thanks to technology and Cloud Management 802.11n Finally, it could provide a quality network for all participants.

Some numbers about the event:

  • Installation in less than 2 hours
  • 571 different devices connected by WiFi
  • More than 300 customers daily connected, more than 105 G of traffic throughout the event.
  • 200 PCs, 180 iPhone, Mac 80, 45 iPad were the most used devices
  • All supported operating systems: Windows 7, Windows Vista, MacOs, iOs, Android, RIM, …
  • Websites, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Skype have been the most prominent applications.

Wireless BCN want to thank the management team of the Catalan Sailing Federation for their trust.

Gaudí Institute (Reus, Tarragona) selects Wireless BCN for WiFi network

The education world increasingly requires the implementation of new technologies for access to information. The emergence of new electronic media such as laptops, servers, smart boards or tablets needs a robust and mobile network to deploy and use these new elements without problems or failures.

Therefore, it is important that the WIFI networks deployed in school environments are of high quality and professional use.

IES Gaudi in Reus (Tarragona) has selected Meraki WiFi solution for their training courses. Daily, more than 100 users, multi-platform (PC, laptops, telephones) are connected daily in the WIFI network.

Thanks to the professional Meraki WiFi solutions, the management team can:

Provide a reliable solution to every teacher and student. Over 100 daily users are connected.

  • Simplify his network and reduce costs related to information technology. It is Gaudí IES case, it is the teachers themselves who can enable, disable and set the features of each WIFI without prior training. The impact on IT maintenance costs is significant.
  • Control the traffic. Thanks to online manager, you can monitor traffic originated by each user and the dimension that they needs.

This facility has since the year 2012 and today still use our service.

Wireless BCN  involved in deploying a WiFi network for observing animals

Wireless BCN has participated in a pioneering project in Spain of uses of new technologies for environmental applications. The aim of the project was to deploy a camera through the Garraf Natural Park (Barcelona) and connected by a professional WiFi network of several km. The project company Miranatura project aimed to establish a system for real-time observation areas of Bonelli’s Eagle nestings.

The network consists of several km long mountain park using multiple repeater. The longest link is 6km all links have been made using the latest 802.11n MIMO dual antennas technical liaison to ensure sufficient bandwidth around in stretch. Also noteworthy is the use of solar panels to power each point of the system. To follow the nests in real time.

Wireless BCN connects Girona

Wireless BCN has successfully involved the deployment of network monitoring water tanks of the city of Girona. The company Aigües de Girona is controlling all water tanks placed around the city thanks to cameras and domes. A complex network of radio links in WIFI technology, reaches up to 7 km, enables reception of all the images in the main checkpoint. Using your product line via radio links WiFi, Wistream, Wireless BCN has provided a reliable and economical supplier of the complete solution.

The difficulties of this project included the presence of interference crowds at different points of emission and reception so possible effects of communications in relation with the University of Girona. Wireless BCN been able to solve the various technical aspects of the project. One of the features is that some points are emblematic of the city like the Tower of Alfonso XII of the early nineteenth century buildings.

Contact us, for WiFi networks security and surveillance systems.

Beach Resort Center with CCTV low impact surveillance Solution

Our customer requested to setup a surveillance system in a very short time and with a low impact to the existing resort environment. ( no construction or hard work was permitted). The identified solution has been to design and install a wireless system that provides non-stop CCTV communication between 12 analogical cameras located in different areas within the 35.000 sqm of the high level vacation Resort.

Wireless BCN team analyzed and provided the most optimal solution with our products SmarTRCA and TRCA24 series to assure a solid, flexible and reliable system for Wireless Video surveillance requirements in a resort with more than 7000 people. The system covers wireless communication between camera control spot and CCTV surveillance control center between 300 meters till 2 km distance with a high quality performance.

Summarizing, Wireless BCN solutions provides the following advantages:

Time and resources reduction for the installation having a very positive budget impact (direct cost reduction)

  • Real alternative to an unfeasible cabling proposal due to the Environmental impact that it could have generated
  • Portable and flexible solution able to be re-install in a more convenient and specific area
  • Robust and expandable solution in case we extend CCTV control area and number of cameras
  • Compatibility with data communications systems (Wifi,Wimax,Zigbee,3G/UMTS… )

Control Safety CCTV System in a Train Station (Valencia)

In a very crowded and popular Train Station, we are requested to setup a robust and reliable solution to control and monitor a very critical area in where people, trains and construction machinery was established due to the new construction works for the AVE train system in Valencia. ( Estación del Norte)

We have identified an optimal solution to established a reliable system to communicate video and audio from camera spots to CCTV control and monitoring center with our product SmarTRCA 250. The most critical area was identified as the initial area and entrance path were coming trains were reaching the station as well as new passengers were looking docking areas to be ready to catch the specific train line.

Non stop video and audio communication as well as data alarms and telemetry information for domo with WIRELESS BCN SmarTRCA 250 product line, provided the following advantages:

Reliable and robust solution to control and monitor any abnormal movement

  • Independent system from existing new connections and potential communication drops from works of construction (AVE project)
  • Possibility to establish connection with train driver during the way to docking area
  • Extremely rational solution in cost and implementation time
  • Portable solution with a very flexible way to optimize control video spots as critic and construction works evolve


IP Wireless Video Solution for Golf Courses

In a natural environment with a special geography (complex terrain) Wireless BCN team worked closely with clients to design and installation of 20 digital surveillance cameras (IP) with control automation and without direct vision of sight. Additionally, it is extremely important to hide the wireless communication equipment due to the sensitivity involved in interaction or potential impact on natural environment.

Therefore, from WIRELESS BCN, we propose the use of our IP solutions through our product line WISTREAM (IP Wireless Technology ©) technology WIFI 802.11 b / g /a / n with the following characteristics:

  • Communication 20-point video transmission (IP camera) simultaneously and without interference with other technologies (Wimax. GSM.3G, ….)
  • Reaches 300 m at 3km without direct vision
  • Flexibility and ease of installation
  • Feature high transmission quality and robustness. 25 dBm of gain.
  • Chip Technology Atheros 802.11 b / g / a / n with a speed of 150 to 300 Mbps
  • Potential increase in the number of cameras and points of communication.