WiFi networks for Internet access

Wireless Solutions for Mesh Networks

Wireless BCN offers the latest generation solutions (access point o AP) for high quality WiFi networks deployment  

High capacity devices (until 900 Mbps) in 802.11n (supports the last VoIP and Wireless video cameras standard)

Compatible with most equipment market (smartphones, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, etc ..). Also it supports the new generation of tablets.

Fully auto-configurable equipment. You simply have to be plugged into an electrical outlet and it works.

From only a few devices connected to the Internet, the rest of the network is created through mesh network (mesh) even mobile.

There is no need to install drivers or new computers to control WiFi network. Everything is managed remotely (“cloud”).

This solution allow to reduce the cost of these installations.

Internet solutions for events

We offer a wide range of solutions to provide Internet access in specific or permanent events.

Remote facilities without having specialized staff in situ.

Possibility of using social layer in the event, using the major social platforms.

Smartphones and other client devices automatically connect to free WiFi and so can interact with them to improve the level of commitment.

Internet sharing solutions in communities

Share WIFI in a community can dramatically reduce the cost of Internet access.

From a community phone line, ADSL is engaged (for example, in the mandatory line of elevator in each building). From a high network quality WIFI, the signal is distributed to each floor.

Thanks to a network management particularized, each resident has their password.

WIFI coverage can extend Internet access to common areas (Community area, pool, terraces, Golf)

Share internet can provide additional low-cost service should rent their apartment or house because it is a highly valued service when attract and retain customers (especially in shared flats or high turnover).

Having a quality wireless network connectivity allow more devices (automation, appliances, TV, alarms, surveillance cameras) without any additional installation costs.

The solution is also valid for communities or neighborhood with separate houses.